BAD Meccanoid BAD

April -3 2017

A couple days ago I mentioned that the Meccanoid G15 firmware update was available and said that “Set Alarm” hidden function wasn’t available.
Yesterday if you believe the Post Date. Ha.


I found it.

To my dismay.

Is still under settings but responds under the voice function “Adjust Volume”.

Meccanoid responds “Set Alarm”.



Attempting to set alarm will result in all kinds of craziness.
Setting an L.I.M for alarm will put a non-erasable L.I.M. in your library.
The only way to get rid of it is to download new 2.7 firmware again and do a full wipe.
A negative side to the new “Robot Updater” is that it won’t allow you to load the last firmware. Maybe it’s because the older one is no longer available on-site. I don’t know.

Sarcasm mode ACTIVATED:

NICE ONE GUYS!!!! Just FREAKIN awesome.

Sarcasm mode partially END.

Oh the shame.

In case your wondering:
“SET ALARM” voice command does nothing.
You’ll be stuck at whatever volume you set until this is fixed.
I have TWO G15 Meccabrain and they both have this new problem.
I didn’t try the G15KS version firmware mainly because I’m not set up for KS.

If you do manage to set the alarm it will stay there and Meccanoid will not allow you to remove it. NOT even after re-flash firmware.

>>> Loud Sigh <<<<<



New Meccanoid App

Well there’s a new App out for Meccano Meccanoid.  Yeah!!!!

It looks like we finally get to do some real programming on the cell/tablet directed at Meccanoid. Not only VCR style but actually have decision, timer,  input and loops.  No desktop version yet.  If App didn’t run on your device before it probably still won’t.  Sincerest sympathies.

I haven’t got to play with new programming section yet but be sure the whining and criticism will arrive.  Already got some stored up. Where’s that devil emoticon?

Any who…

Best of all it appears to work on the old G15 and new 2.0 series.  I was starting to believe the only way to get anything cool out of G15 was by Arduino only.  I know I’m not the only one feeling the high possibility of being abandoned when the 2.0 series was out and the G15 was discontinued.

So dust off your antiquidated G15, charge up your batteries (or get new ones) and hopefully having not lost usb micro cable, go load up the new firmware.  Yes there is one : G15-2.4.  For G15.

Did you forget how?

Go here and get the updater:

Meccanoid Updater

Load it up and run it.  Meccanoid needs to be plugged in to it’s micro usb port and ur computers USB port.  Use the pulldowns to select your robot.  Select  preferred language. Select the new fangled rom 2.0 and click the down arrow to send it to anxiously awaiting robot.

Don’t get all flustered if the downloading fails the first time.  It failed on me.  Click out and start program again.  Takes a while even on an excessively fast computer.  Meccanoid’s memory is a lot slower than personal computer.  About 3 to 4 minutes.  Seemingly forever because of how long a wait for this has been.  Some have been waiting a year.

When the updater is done it will tell of its’ success.  Unplug USB from Meccanoid and turn him on.  I turned mine off and on again.  Is habbit from other flash memory device updates.  Clears RAM and cold boots processor.

Haven’t got to play ragdoll to see if it improved either.  I’d like to hear your opinions on the new programming section too.

A  LOT less Meccannoyed.  Smiles a little.

Lest I forget:

About !$%^”‘^_-#] Time!  sheesh.  and Thanks.